But, as annoyed as Ive frequently been with this season, the centre around which all of the craziness revolved has at least remained a constant throughout.
The Vampire Diaries is an absolute inability to pace itself.
The episode in general was code promo nded about bringing the Mikaelsons together before letting the dust settle and realising theyre actually more fractured than ever.Giving her a choice was a lovely touch, as it offers Rebekah a little agency over which life she truly wants at the same time as freeing the showrunners up to have the character appear in whichever guise is available.The only newbie to stick is Freya who, with the temporary happy ending given to Rebekah and Hayleys emancipation from the family, looks to be the new female lead going forward.The Vampire Diaries, of course (and I fully believe Caroline will come back around whenever one or both of the shows are cancelled but here it feels like something a little deeper and more interesting.Hayley, for instance, is almost entirely absent after her pack was affected by the curse and, while the family could put aside their differences long enough to take down Dahlia and Esther, we actually end on a decidedly unhappy note.The Originals this year, lighting up any scene she happens to share with another, and its entirely down to her that the prospect of a Klaus romance doesnt fill me with dread.Shes the head of the witches now, and her grudge against Klaus has only snowballed since last season.As has been the case for a while, though, its the outliers like Vincent, Cami and Josh who are the most intriguing.Like their mother and aunt before them, theyre cursed to love and destroy each other for all eternity, and anyone circling their orbit wont be able to escape the destruction.And be our, facebook chum here).Read Caroline's review of the previous episode, Fire With Fire, here.
2.22 Ashes To Ashes, one of the biggest things, the Originals inherited from.
Hopefully her relationship with Vincent lives up to the promise glimpsed over the last few weeks, with Cami quite sensibly calling him out for dumping his responsibilities with the witches onto a teenage girl.