spa reduce total alkalinity

High pH makes chlorine less effective and makes formation of foam causing soaps more likely.
Aerate until PH rises to around.6 calendrier concours petanque rhone (the only way to raise PH without also raising TA).
There is a common myth that you can lower TA by adding "slugs" of acid to the pool.
It would appear that the one you are using, was not properly formulated, for use with bromine.I hope that this information helps get cadeau noel pays basque you off on the right track.What a great web page!When you add chemicals to raise or lower the pH in a spa, how long should you wait to get an accurate retesting?Try using another brand of tester.The lithium shock has a very high.The pH needs to be optimized, at all times, in order to avoid corrosion, make sanitizers work better and for bather comfort.I test my pool and spa chemicals daily as I work for a hotel.However, bringing the pH up now is proving difficult.Control of the spa or hot tub water chemistry is necessary to assure optimum pool water quality. .You need to add acid.Replace the handle with plastic or stainless steel.You can get an estimate of the amount of acid to use with.PH and TA move in the same direction.
We are concerned that high alkalinity, may cause problems, on the flip side, also low.
The pH is over 8 and the TA over 220 PPM.

Every time I try and lower the TA to below 120 PPM, the pH ends up too low.
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This is after adding a half cup of baking soda to the water as I thought T/A would be low and pH low due to some faulty pH test strips.