reduce number of rows in excel sheet

That means the horizontal scroll bar is very not sensitive, and not helpful for using only 3 charts.
When the workbook is saved, the VBA editor adds the dollar signs to make the cell references in range absolute.
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) editor window.Due to the complexity of conditional formatting, formulas, etc.Amend range to suit., regards.We have a spreadsheet of 3922 rows that has somehow expanded to include thousands of blank, unused rows with formulas, rendering the spreadsheet almost unusable.Pete, the problem with just hiding the columns, is that it doesn't prevent you scrolling through the hidden columns, and scrolling seemed to be the problem the OP was complaining about.AltF11 to return to Excel, the code will be triggered automatically as the workbook is opened and will limit you to an area of the sheet from A1 to Z100.You do the math).Paste stihl fs 55 promo code into white pane that appears.Example, the steps below were used to change the properties of a worksheet to limit the number of rows to 30 and the number of columns to 26 as shown in the image above.Originally Posted by olympus999 i have excel 2010 and non of the above mentioned trickes have not worked, toronto symphony orchestra promo code for the vba code i gor error messages: Sorry, Have failed to make " str " your last cell.Open a blank Excel file.Find the, sheet Properties window in the bottom left corner of the VBA editor window.I have not found a way to reduce 1,048,576 rows by not even a single row to 1,048,575 rows.