Retrieves the default distance unit km" for kilometers, etc.).
In the case of a PrestaShop, the constructor class is the first method to be called when the module is loaded by PrestaShop.
Confirm that you are buying what you want, and that it fulfills any requirements to qualify for the PrestaShop promotion code you want to use.
P Let's examine each line from this first version of the MyModule class.The constructor method Now, let's fill the class' code block with the essential constructor lines.Building the install and uninstall methods Some modules have more needs than just using idée cadeau original départ en retraite PrestaShop's résultats concours saenes classe supérieure 2018 features in special ways.Retrieving external values from the ps_configuration data table You are not limited to your own variables: PrestaShop stores all its own configuration settings in the ps_configuration table.This can be done using this folder.There are many more, such as getInt or hasContext but these four are the ones you will use the most.upgrade Sub-folder for upgrade files When releasing a new version of the module, the older might need an upgrade of its data or files.In the following example, we perform the following tasks during installation: Check that the Multistore feature is enabled, and if so, set the current context to all shops on this installation of PrestaShop.As long as you properly code the data handling function, anything goes.If your module needs to display a warning message in the "Modules" page, then you must set this attribute.Copy and paste the PrestaShop coupon code in the box next to the product and click "Apply" or "Submit".Dive into the ps_configuration table in order to discover many other settings!
The title for the section that shall contain this module in PrestaShop's back office modules list.
If any of the lines in the testing block fails, the method returns false and the installation does not happen.

The version number for the module, displayed in the modules list.