College Student Disneyland Discounts There are a various universities and colleges throughout the Southern California area that offer discounts on one day and two day Disneyland tickets.
Disneyland authorizes some third parties to sell its tickets at slight discounts, and there is a huge black market for bootleg and partially-used rental tickets.
Look at our chart of the very best prices, the best prices from your HR department, best prices when combined with a package, and with other special Disneyland discounts covered on this page.
When Disneyland first opened to the park you would pay both a fee to enter and then pay a ticket for each attraction that you wanted to ride.The Disneyland ticket prices vary from office to its not for everyone.Plus, you get unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads with the purchase of this pass and unlimited use of the new Disneyland MaxPass service.This is because its so easy to walk back and forth between the parks, and staggered opening and closing hours make it really worthwhile (much moreso than at Walt Disney World, where park hopping can be a pain).Disneyland Military Ticket Discounts Members of the military, veterans, Department of Defense employees, and dependents of each of these groups have access to cheap Disneyland tickets.We do not recommend this AP to anyone as a result.Two Day Discount Disneyland Tickets There are currently discounts being offered for two-day Disneyland tickets.Every day you add after three amounts to a smaller increase in cost, meaning the cost per day of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure tickets is significantly lower.A special SoCal deal has returned for Southern California residents.The book provides keen insight, valuable short-cuts, and common sense thinking on how to make warehouse shopping a successful endeavor.For this reason, I think that if you are debating between three and four days at Disneyland, and park hopper or concours douanes epreuves sportives non-hopper, always err on the side of too much.It may sound like a good idea to purchase this and save a boatload of money, but Disney now has systems in place to stop purchases like this.If you are going to visiting Disneyland for more than seven days throughout a period of 365 days, it is probably worth it for you to get a Disneyland annual pass.Read the book and youll see why the Costco experience can be fun and profitable.Included are discounts of up to 15 off at most dining locations and 20 off most merchandise.The same basic show has since appeared on several networks under a variety of titles.If youre big on Disney or just want the best value for your money, this ticket is definitely the way.These discounts can be found here.And the best part is that you transfer these skills to other parts of your daily routines.The one day Disneyland ticket prices fluctuate based on demand.