Thus, a large number of fission products, condensation polymerization and the like.
One of the most important reactions, which allows you to select a pure individual monosaccharides, as well as establishing the identity of monosaccharides of different origin, is the interaction of monosaccharides with phenylhydrazine.
Oesophagus, the muscular cadeau vintage tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach.Hydrazones and Osazone monoses generally well crystallized.Benedict's test (reducing sugars test) 3 steps Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen 3 elements that make up carbohydrates glucose, fructose, galactose and lactose.Careful hydroxyaldehydes can be prepared by oxidation of mono-hydroxy acids having the same number of carbon atoms; aldoses obtained from aldonic acids.A short tube at the end of the large intestine where waste is stored before being removed via the anus via egestion.For the oxidation of aldoses aldonic acid is typically conducted in acidic medium chlorine, bromine, hypochlorite, diluted nitric acid.Glycosides are readily hydrolyzed by enzymes also, called glycosidases.Hydroxyaldehyde, hydroxy ketones and monosaccharides are very sensitive to the action of alkalis.For example, under the action of methylating agents CH 32 SO 4 ; CH 3 J substitution can occur in all five hydroxyls of glucose: The resulting pentasubstituted derivative is sometimes called pentametilglyukozoy, but it should be called tetrametilmetilglyukozidom.For example, when atsetonirovanii metil-mannopyranoside formed Atsetonproizvodnye resistant to alkalis, but readily hydrolyzed with dilute acids; hydroxyl group remaining free after atsetonirozaniya may be methylated, acylated, substituted by halogen and.Lipases, proteases, purpose of carbohydrases, break down carbohydrates, ultimately to monosaccharides.There have been several different options for a reaction, of which the following is valid Weigand;.The study of the rate of hydrolysis of glycosides acid and enzymatic provides important information to address the issue of whether the glycoside derivative pyranose or furanose, -or -form.Ozone, cH 2 OH-choh 3 -CO-CHO containing two carbonyl close group.The increased surface area assists in its purpose of absorbing the products of digestion.Small intestine, a long muscular tube where food is digested by enzymes produced by its walls and glands.Action acids on pentose and hexose can be used to recognize them, namely by heating pentoses with dilute acids is easily split off water and forms a volatile heterocyclic aldehyde- furfural: From metilpentoz same way a metilfurfurol.Similarly, fructose is partially converted into glucose and mannose and mannose- into glucose and fructose.
Glycosides are crystalline substances or syrups; methylated glycosides distilled under high vacuum without decomposition.

Glyceraldehyde, dihydroxyacetone, hexoses and Nonose.
Sweet tasting and soluble.
Under the action of hydroxylamine obtained oxime monosaccharides, for example:.